How to start a business
from zero, without loans

Even if you have no idea what to do and you are in deep debt...

“It does not take much to take a loan and spend the money.
However it takes a lot to make a profit without getting into debt. ”

Eli Shavit - Mentor, entrepreneur and founder of Shavit Village.
Founder of the revolutionary method that allows you to start a business from zero.
This method gave birth over 6,000 entrepreneurs, including 130 millionaires.
What is the syllabus of the course? What does the course contain?

In the course you will receive 3 templates for starting a business from scratch: the marketer template, the consultant template and the expert template.

1. In the marketer template you will learn how to turn any product within your reach into money. You will learn to make relationships with business owners, choose products with the most meat, market those products and turn your new relationships into money.

2. Consultant template: If you have knowledge and experience in any field and you like to teach people - here you will learn how to choose the right field for you, how to bring the first customers and how to turn your knowledge and experience into money. Everything you need to start a business -
is a computer and a phone. Thats it.

3. The expert template: If you have a profession, for example you know how to write marketing texts, programs, build applications, promote on Facebook, renovate and paint apartments, take business photos, organize trips and guided tours or even to train dogs - you will learn to bring the first customers and turn your expertise into business, without any financial investment.

All the templates are spiced up with lots of examples from the field of my students who have managed to set up businesses from scratch.

In addition to the templates below you will receive detailed explanations of business areas that are by no means worth touching. These include physical stores, manufacturing, food, chain marketing, and the capital market.

It is important to note that immediately after joining you will receive access to all of the contents of the course. This means you will not have to wait days and weeks to get all the content, as it usually works in other courses.
Real Results from a the Field
How a guy who was in debt and had no money to take the bus, now earns tens of thousands of dollars

How a blind guy earns $857 per hour

How a regular software engineer became a millionaire

How to get out of a debt of $25,700 and set up a painting business

How To Set Up Landscaping Equipment Store From Zero

How to set up a software house from scratch that earns tens of thousands a month

How to turn a cooking hobby into a business that profit $4285 monthly

How to turn marketing knowledge into a business that profit $11,428

How To Turn 19 Failures Into Massive Successes

How a young guy closed a deal with Netvision (internet company)

How a deaf man managed to start a business, and earn over $28,571

How a humble Orthodox Jewish made over $34,285 from his business

How a Orthodox Jewish woman earns $22,850 without leaving the house

They earning millions internationally without living the country

10 frequently asked questions and answers about the course

1. What does it mean to "start a business from scratch"?
That means you will not have to take out loans, look for investors, ask for favors from relatives. You will set up your business without a financial investment. This is not a dream. It's possible. Thousands of my students have done this.

2. Who is the course suitable for?
If you live from paycheck to paycheck and have no idea how to get out of the pit you are in, if you have no business idea, no money and no knowledge to start your business with, the start-up course was made for you.

3. What about a business idea?
If you do not have an idea - you will find it during the course.

4. How can you start a business from scratch?
The usual approach to starting a business - let's find an idea, let's find money and invest it in the business. Our approach is - let's start a business first, make money and then invest it in the business to run it faster. How do you do that? This is explained in great detail in the start-up course.

5. Do I have to quit my job to start a business?
No. Do not resign. Keep working. It is possible to start a business while working. You will resign after you start to earn enough not to work.

6. How and where do studies take place in the course?
Immediately after joining you will receive access to all the course's contents. You have specific explanations regarding what you need to do to start a business and start earning money. The course is open to you indefinitely and you may complete the assignments at your own pace.

7. Can I ask questions during the course?
Of course. You will get answers to all your questions.

8. When will I be able to see the results?
Within a month or two you will already be making the first profits from your business. If you are agile and energetic, then you will get results much faster. Of course, if you do not perform the tasks - the results will not come either.

9. Is there a 100% guarantee that I will be able to build a business?
When entering a swimming class, no coach will guarantee that you will learn how swim with 100% certainty. But any coach will assure you that if you perform the tasks - then sooner or later you will learn to swim. The same thing applies here.

10. Is it possible to cancel the course if it doesn't suit me?
No. Impossible. I'm confident in the quality of my course and in the fact that it brings results, so I do not intend to play games here, "now I want, now I do not want it." If your decision is solid - there is no reason why you should not succeed.

Enough talking! Move on to take action!

If you are tired of suffering under your manager, if you do not like what you do at work, if you are tired of living from paycheck to paycheck being dependent on your meager salary, if you still have to live in a rented apartment and pay for mortgage, if you didn't see any change in your life in the past several years, if you do not have a sense of financial stability, if you do not want to be dependent on favors from the state and relatives, if you want to engage in something you have dreamed of all your life - start your business today!

I do not promise you gold and millions in a month - no miracles, but if you try to break the cycle of slavery in which you found yourself – you'll have a great chance of success!

You do not need to take out loans to start a business – that means you have nothing to lose and nothing to risk.

You can start right now!

"In twenty years from now you'll be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do then by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor, catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."
- Mark Twain, American writer

Do not lose the most precious thing you have received from the universe - your lifetime. You can still earn and return the money, time - never. "
- Eli Shavit, founder of the Start-Up project

Still not sure? Read the free guide that explains how to start a business from scratch! Check if it is right for you and then you will make the final decision. What could be safer and fairer than that?

The price of the Start-Up course is $1,497

For those who do not have time to read much - briefly about the Start-Up Course:

1. The Start-Up Course helps you to start a business from scratch, without loans.

2. Immediately after registration, you will receive login information for the study system and online access to all the course content.

3. All course contents remain open to you, indefinitely. You can learn whenever you want.

4. The price of the course is $1,497 . Beyond that there are no additional or hidden costs.

5. During the course you can ask questions and get answers from Prof. Shavit. To eliminate doubt, you do not receive close supervision from Prof. Shavit, but only answers to your questions, through the curriculum.

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