Chapter 25. The most important keys for success

Our book has come to an end.

Usually, at the end, it is customary to give advice. But I do not want to give banal advice, which the whole internet is full of, such as, do not sit idly by, do not be afraid to make mistakes, believe in yourself, etc.

All of this is certainly true, but it is so corny that it no longer evokes any emotion.

Towards the end, I want to give you, dear reader, a number of secret keys that brought me to where I am today.

Key 74 for Success

If you dip a fresh cucumber in a jar with pickles, then after a while it too will turn into a pickle. I call it the pickle law.

If you get in touch with programmers, without you noticing, you will become a programmer. If you are in daily contact with artists, you will become an artist. If you are in touch with entrepreneurs, you will become an entrepreneur. If you are in a relationship with whiners, then you will become a whiner.

It's unstoppable. This is the law of nature.
Therefore, you must carefully choose the environment. Look for the people you would like to portray. Talk to them, learn from them.

Your environment - this is the most important factor in your success.

If I were depending on my parents during my time in university and in the military - I would not meet new people, I would not open a jewelry workshop, I would not open a business card business, I would not teach at the Technion.

If after the fall I would just sit and howl - I would not get up. But I changed the environment and started meeting business people. It helped me close the debts and get on my feet.

Key 75 to Success

Do not look for what you do not have.

Use and start with what you already have.
Several times I had to start from scratch. I knew how to fix jewelry - I created a small workshop and lived beautifully during my student days. I knew programming and it gave me a leap to build the first mobile bank in Israel. They took everything from me, but not the experience - it was enough to get out of the pit and build a new empire. I love teaching and it gave the world the Start-Up course - the best course in the world for starting a business from scratch.

If I'm not an example for you, look around and see dozens of people who are in similar and even worse conditions than yours, but despite everything they are creating their own success story, right now.

If you're alive - that's enough to get you started!

I will tell you a story written in 1899, but still relevant and it will continue to be relevant for centuries to come.

A Message to Garcia

When war broke out between Spain and the United States, there was an urgent need for rapid communication with rebel leaders.

General Garcia, a revolutionary who led the Cuban army in the United States war against Spain, was somewhere on the mountain fortifications on the island of Cuba, but no one had any idea exactly where. There was no contact with him by mail or telegraph.

The US president had to secure his support and urgency.

What to do?

Then someone said to the president, "There is only one man named Rowan who will find Garcia for you."

They reached Rowan and gave him a letter he needed to deliver to the general.

I have no particular desire to tell how exactly the "man named Rowan" took the letter, wrapped it in a piece of oiled skin, tied it to his chest, and how four days later he arrived by boat in Cuba, went down to shore at night, disappeared in the jungle and three weeks later appeared at the end the other of the island, after crossing a huge country, and gave the letter to Garcia.

I just want to point out the following: The president gave Rowan a letter that should have been sent to Garcia, Rowan took the letter and went to carry out the mission, without even asking "Who is Garcia and where will I find him?".

This person should have a bronze monument erected for him and his statue should be placed in all the colleges and schools across the country.

This is the task each of us - with a gnashing of teeth - to be glued to the goal, to act quickly, to gather strength and energy ... and to bring the letter to Garcia.

Key 76 to Success

To look for excuses - everyone knows how. To transfer the letter to Garcia - only a few know how. Be the one to pass on the letter to Garcia. At all costs. Despite all the difficulties. It is precisely this quality that will bring you success.
Of course, you can play the old tune again and continue singing that your fate is difficult and that it is impossible in your special situation ...

Yes, I agree, each of us has his own destiny, what is decided for him. Yes, it's very important where you were born, who raised you and where you are now. But each of us also has a choice - what to do next.

I will explain with an example.

One evening, my kids and I were playing cards. I do not remember what game it was and it really does not matter. We dealt cards. Each received different cards. I did not really like my cards, but I had to play. Then I realized...

Key 77 to Success

Fate - These are the same cards that life has given you. Your choice is - how you play these cards.

Of course, it's easy to play when you have 4 aces and a joker in hand, but that happens very rarely. Therefore, we must play the same cards we received from life.

What you have - it's your destiny and squeeze out of it the maximum you can!
I tried to show you the failures I walked through, the ignorance I fell into, so that you would not fall there too, and even if you did fall - that you would know how to get out of there.

I do not want to teach you and forcefully change your life. I just showed you that there is another way. True, this does not apply to everyone. But you can try.

Maybe even one thought from the book will be the first spark that will change your world.

Succeed, dear reader!

P.S. While writing this book, I have been accumulating new stories that I want to tell you. I have already started working on the next book :) Yes, I am not really old yet and I am going to do a lot of other crazy and interesting things in life :)

I hope I'll have another chance to meet you, dear reader.

P.P.S. Dear reader, if at least one thought from the book was helpful to you, I would be very grateful for the honest feedback. You can ask me questions and leave comments - in the next book I will try to take them into account. Plus, give this book to your friends and family - maybe it will help them in some way too.

We are coming to the United States!

This whole book was my life journey, with lots of failures and lots of success as you read.

I had the privilege to influence thousands of people and to help 130 people to become millionaires. After all of my experiences and my results with teaching and sharing my Start-up Course with people from Israel, and conquering Israel with great success, I have come to a point where I’m bringing it to the United States. And help many more people in USA to learn how to start a business from 0. And create success in there life.

The technique and the way of Start-up course are international and will work in any place in the word, and it doesn’t matter which continent or country it is, and the reason for that is very simple:

The rules of business is the same rules everywhere in the world without exception. There is people that selling and there is people that buying.

We are thrilled to enter the market of U.S and to be able to influence endless amount of people, and to show people the way step by step to financial independency even if currently you have no money or even if you are in a big depth.

Dear reader,

There is time in life that action is the only thing that left to succeed...

Start-Up Course is not an abstract theoretically ideas, its not "imagine to yourself and then you will be successful" its not "tell yourself I'm successful" and the money will flow into your bank account.

Start-Up Course is a step by step recapy, with tasks that you need to perform.

This course has already proven itself time after time after time.

It is very accurate and concentrated guidance for you to literally start making money.

Remember: you have nothing to lose! Only to gain, and after all you going to learn how to open a business literally from 0!

This link will guid you to your new life, to your new business and freedom:

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