Chapter 24. The real secret to my success

It can be summed up in two words - my Natalie.

I will not go into the details of our relationship here because I do not see the need to talk about family relationships in a book on business.

I will present just a few facts from our family life.

She did not harass me or kick me when I fell into the pit. She never said to me, "What an idiot you are, how could you leave your family on the street!".

Instead she said, "Do not worry about anything. We will survive. I am with you, my love."

When I was at the bottom of the pit, she printed 200 flyers and went to neighboring buildings in Ashkelon, to make money from clothing repairs. She earned 10-20 shekels a day, to buy bread and milk for the children.

True, it only lasted two weeks because I could not see my wife working for pennies and started getting out of the pit. But she did it and even at first glance expressed no complaint or derision.

She quietly went to pack her bags when I said, "We are leaving Israel."

She did not fight with me, did not try to prove me wrong, did not try to get a guarantee from me that everything would be fine with us abroad.

I had no guarantees. Only an uncertain future. Things might not work out the way I would like. But she stayed with me, believed in me and followed me.

She raised our children as I told her to raise them, even when she did not understand exactly what I was doing and for what I was doing it. She stayed with me, even when the whole world, including my relatives, turned their backs on me.

One day I decided that in order to work quietly, I needed to move into a separate office, which I had built near our main house. The distance is only twenty feet, but still the office stands apart.

Our Mansion. Not far from Shavit Village.

I told her: "The noise of the children bothers me, the noise in the kitchen bothers me, and in general I want to sleep alone, because even at night my brain works and I must not be disturbed."

She did not go into hysteria, did not quarrel with me. She said: "Do what you see fit. I will always be by your side and help you with anything you need."

She brought me four wonderful children. She created a flowering garden, she created a warm and comfortable home, she created a nest to which I always want to return.

Of course, there are no roses without thorns - sometimes we get annoyed, agitated and argue. But these quarrels bring us even closer.

Me with Natalie + our four monkeys :)

Thank you for everything, my beloved, precious and beautiful girl!

You, dear reader, may get the impression that Natalie is a submissive, shy and quiet woman. I need to disappoint you. She is very cheerful, agile, full of the joy of life, always shining and sometimes a naughty girl :) Simply, she knows and feels when to support me and when to be silent. That's her talent.

In Natalie's words:

"Eli asked me to write a few words about my feelings and emotions, about our path.

He said women might want to ask me how I endured all this time.

Many have asked me a similar question: How do you feel about such a man?

Just great! I feel like a woman, I can be a woman, I can be myself.

Once I made my choice, I fell madly in love, I decided it was the man I always wanted to be with, to love, I even imagined him in old age and I by his side.

Today it is not customary to write and talk about what I want to say. In today's world it is not customary for a woman to be a woman, today she has to work, fight and engage in male occupations.

My way is different. I completely trust my man. Next to him I can be a showy, playful and weak girl. When I first saw Eli, I realized that he was stronger, smarter, smarter than me, I realized that I could entrust his life and the lives of our children into his hands.

No matter what happened around, I was not worried, I was not nervous - I always knew that my man would always make the right decision and find the right way.

Yes, sometimes it was hard, in these moments I just tried my best to help, as much as I could, I tried not to interfere and to take away from him most of the small routine chores, so that he could concentrate better for the most part.

When you ride in a tank, are you afraid that someone will collide with you? Of course not... they are the ones who should be careful of us :)

Yes, sometimes the tank shakes and there is not enough air, but at the right moment, when my man decides that everything is fine, he opens the hatch ... and sets off straight.

I know that Eli is an extraordinary person, a genius, smart, and kind-hearted. Every day I see how he changes his life, his and those around him, I see how people who connect with him change, how their awareness grows, their standard of living, how their destiny changes. It is happiness to be with him, to love, to be the wife of such a man.

Thank you, my dear, for the peace and serenity you have given me from the moment we met, for your way, for the answers you give every second to questions that I do not even see or recognize. For the wars you wage every day, so that in our tank spring will always blossom.

Thanks for the wisdom, for my deep understanding, I might not have been left alone in the tank. As proof - a number of character traits that our children took from me. You, as an omnipotent, forgiving wise man, manage to withstand my storm and bring me back to equilibrium.

Thanks for the wonderful kids, they took most of the features from you.

Love you, you are my world."

This image expresses the whole essence of the ideal relationship between a man and a woman, without unnecessary words. I found it by chance online and am happy to share with you. I hope I'm not infringing anyone's copyright :)

Key 73 to Success

What is the point of homes, vehicles, jewelry, if she is not around? It is for her you want to create and build, to reach heaven. If next to you is the one that paints your rainbow - you are invincible.
In the near future Natalie and I are going to write a book about our journey - how we built family relationships, where we started, what difficulties we faced, how we raised children and what we taught them, how we solved problems, how we created comfort and home warmth, how we raised a garden and even how we baked bread :) Until then, you can come to us and be impressed by everything with us.
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