Chapter 22. $9,999 for one blow of a hammer

Although at the Golden Club students have the opportunity to ask me questions every day, they demanded personal advice from me.

I tried to avoid it as much as possible, but every day I received 2-3 emails in which the students actually demanded personal counseling from me. To somehow calm them down, I created a simple page detailing my counseling terms.

In fact, I did not intend to sell counseling, because I did not understand why people needed it if there was the club and they could ask questions there. To scare people into not signing up for counseling, I set a one-session price of $10,000. I hoped people would not agree to pay such a price. They will see the page, the price and leave me alone.

How wrong I was...

Within three days an appointment was made for me, for a few months ahead! I really was not prepared for such a turn of events. I love a quiet life, at home, in my underwear. But suddenly there was a queue of people who for some reason needed my personal advice and were willing to wait weeks and fly thousands of miles to get to me.

Wow... that was very unexpected...

First, I wanted to understand why people so wanted the personal consultation with me, if they had the club ?! After all, even there you can ask questions!

The answer was not too simple. After an in-depth investigation of the people who came to me for counseling and motivation testing, I found the reasons why they came to me.

I want to share with you the conclusions - maybe for some of you it will be useful.

First, people want me to personally accompany them to the goal. Not through the club and not through short questions and answers, but in person. The results of a lone athlete will always be worse, than the results of an athlete who trains under the guidance of a coach. The same in personal counseling. You can walk alone towards the goal, or you can with me. With me - it's much faster.

Second, it turned out that people do not want to bear the burden of responsibility. They do not want to look for answers for years, they were tired of looking. They wanted me to tell them clearly - "Do this and that" and lead them step by step.

Third, not everyone wants to ask questions in public. Many are unwilling to open up to other club members.

A lot of very famous people, who you hear and see online every day, come to me for advice. They really do not want anyone to know that they are consulting with me. This will undermine their credibility in the eyes of their customers.

Apparently, everything is shiny and beautiful with them, but in fact they have a lot of problems - both in business and on a personal level. They have no one to consult. That's why they come to me.

Fourth, people are tired of "mentors" who have read two books and consider themselves gurus and teach "successful success." People are looking for a person with experience who has proven for himself what he teaches.

I live as I teach. I teach as I live. I do not want to show off, but anyone who has been to my house at least once, understands very well and sees with his own eyes, that I am not a mentor born yesterday, who takes selfies from Thailand and shows everyone how beautiful his life is, but actually drives an old Mazda and has duties from here to the new post.

Key 69 for success

You need to learn how to swim from someone who knows how to swim. One should learn how to lose weight from someone who has lost weight. One should seek medical attention from healthy doctors. One has to learn business from people, who have proven by their success, that they know what they are talking about.
Finally, the fifth reason, people come to me for results. The difference between me and the other consultants is that I developed my own personal method, which leads to results.

My secret weapon, which leads to the result :) Laughs, of course.
Dudu Nahum - a guy who turned from a rookie venturer
into the No. 1 copywriter in the country!
Dudu gives feedback on the advice and the results we have reached.

I will tell you briefly about which method it is. You've probably heard of Krav Maga. This is an Israeli method of fighting.

What is so special about it?

Unlike many other methods, in which the battle should be beautiful and orderly, the Krav Maga method is built on other principles - to neutralize the enemy as quickly as possible and then attack with all force. All methods are allowed, including blows to the eyes and balls as well as the use of any accessible object - stones, sand, forks, shoes, glasses.

There is no room for emotions in a contact battle. When an enemy attacks us, he will not have mercy on us. Therefore we need to be smarter, stronger, faster.

It is precisely in this principle that I use personal counseling.

In my advice and the plan I build for the client, there are no philosophies or watered down mantras like, "believe in yourself and everything will work out on its own," or "let's all put our hands up and yell that we're strong". There is no such nonsense. No mantras. No magic.

There are only tedious actions - a short and clear plan, usually one page long - on how to get out of your own ass and get to the goal as quickly as possible.

I will share with you my favorite story - my dad told it to me when I was 13, and since then this story has become an example for me to strive for:

The factory owner was very worried - the steam generator, which supplied electricity to the whole factory, vibrated loudly and went out every 2-3 hours thus stopping the work of the whole factory.

Many experts tried to fix it, but all their attempts failed.

Time is money, - repeated the factory owner, when counting losses due to loss in production, - time is money.

At that moment, a guy in orange overalls peeked into his office.

- I can fix your generator, sir, - he said.

The factory owner was not impressed.

- I invited the best experts to repair the generator, but none of them succeeded. Look at you - you have a small tool bag and not many tools in it, if I'm not mistaken.

- True, sir. I took only necessary tools to perform this work. So will you let me fix the problem?

The guy did not impress the factory owner, but since he no longer had anything to lose, he took him to the room where the generator was located. The generator stood in the center of the room and a huge number of pipes came out of it in all directions leading to each room of the factory.

The factory owner invited the guy to start repairing the generator. Quietly and without excitement, the guy in orange overalls took out one tool from his briefcase - a small rubber hammer.

Carefully and systematically he began to knock on various parts of the generator and listened intently to the sounds emanating from the metal. For ten minutes he knocked on pressure sensors, thermostats, bearings and connections, where he estimated the damage was. Finally, he went back to his toolbox, put the small hammer in place and chose a large hammer.

He went over to a knee joint in one of the pipe sections and gave a light blow with the hammer. The result was immediate. Something moved inside and the generator stopped shaking.

The factory owner was enthusiastic:

- Amazing! Amazing! Send me the bill! Double the price!

"There is no need for that, sir," replied the young man.

When the bill arrived after a few days, the factory owner was astonished: the amount was much higher than his expectations. $10,000! Big money in those times.

He had paid much more to those experts who tried to repair the damage but were unsuccessful, but he knew the experts had spent a few days there and they were representatives of companies with high reputations! But this weird guy had spent all of ten minutes there!

The factory owner asked his secretary to ask the guy for a breakdown of the cost of the services he provided.

Soon the answer arrived in the mail.

'Ten minutes of hammering - $ 1.

Knowing where to hit - $ 9,999.

Total: $10,000.
Me - this simple guy in orange overalls. My advice - this is a hammer blow. It gives immediate results. No noise, no philosophies.

I do not like to advise and milk clients for years, as many other consultants do. I have a completely opposite policy. I want to quickly solve the customer's problem. Preferably on the same day. My time is precious and I do not want to sit for hours and talk to the client about his intimate issues.

I'm not a tank. I'm a sniper. No fuss, just target shooting. The tank is too noisy, consumes a lot of fuel and is expensive. Sniper - This is just one bullet. Fast, quiet and straight to the point. Just for this bullet people pay me money.

I will give one example of such advice. Three of my students decided to start a company and engage in production - they found a famous lecturer in the United States and decided to promote it in Israel.

Every six months they gathered classes of 25 people and invited the lecturer from the United States.

When they first came to me for counseling, they earned NIS 5,000 a month, each of them. To get advice they even had to take out a loan.

Now, after a number of my "hammer blows," they make millions of shekels a year and gather huge classes of 700 people.
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